King Chulalongkorn Memorial Amateur

Radio Society in Ragunda, Sweden



Latitude - 62.57.15 N or 62.9540

Longitude - 16.40.22 E or 16.6729

Locator - JP82IW



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Coming Activities



  • SAC CW

Guest Operator SM3EAE/Lars, SM3FJF/Joe and SM5SIC/Göran

2018-09-15 -- 2018-09-16


  • Guest Operators SA3BYC/Johan and SA0BYP/Palle
  • 2018-10-13 -- 2018-10-14


  • Working Day



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  • Market and ceremony at the Thai Pavilion 18 and 19th July 2017, read more.
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Welcome to SI9AM, the Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station in Sweden.


QTH at Holmstagården, Utanede, about 200 meters from the Thai Pavilion.

Accommodation can be arranged in the same building at a low cost.


The Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station SI9AM was officially open on July 19, 2000 in connection with the celebrations of the King Chulalongkorn Day.


All amateurs around the world are welcome to visit us and operate with the callsign SI9AM.


Become an Ambassador of SI9AM


Members who are SI9AM Ambassadors

in year 2018.


  1. SM3FJF Jörgen
  2. SM3EXM Erik
  3. SM3TIR Sven
  4. SM3EAE Lars
  5. SA2AWO Mats
  6. SA2YLM Maria



Pay 250 SEK and support SI9AM for one year.


Thanks to everyone, who has supported SI9AM during the years.

New QSL manager from 2018-02-01



Jörgen Norrmén


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SM3FJF/Jörgen, to the left, thanks SM3TIR/Sven for his work as a QSL Manager.

Special QSL Information


Radio contacts from SI9AM, during the period:

  • March 21 to March 28, 2017
  • October 24 to October 30, 2017
  • March 20 to March 26, 2018


All QSL for radio contacts during these periods, will be sent from ON3UN, Dirk Martens.


Please send Bureau QSL for these periods to



Please send Direct QSL to:

ON3UN Dirk Martens

Spoorwegstraat 56

Turnhout 2300



SWL-QSL is welcome!