In the summer 1995 an idea was born to form King Chulalongkorn Memorial Amateur Radio Society in Ragunda. We contacted the leading radio amateurs i Thailand and their representatives in RAST, Thailand (the equivalent to SSA, Sveriges Sändareamatörer) We decided to form a "Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station" in Ragunda.


Already at an early stage we had an ambition to get the signal SI9AM. In July 1999 we had confirmation from PTS, the Post and Tele communication Board, that our association had been granted the signal SI9AM.


Radio amateur clubs in Gävleborg laen, Jämtland laen and Västernorrland laen can be members of the society. Members at this point:

SK3BG, Sundsvalls Radioamatörer in Sundsvall,

SK3EK, Sollefteå Radioklubb i Sollefteå,

SK3GA, Hudiksvalls Sändareamatörer i Hudiksvall, (Member January 2009)

SK3GM Kungsgårdens Radioklubb, Nyland, (Member March 2003)

SK3IK, Ådalens Sändareamatörer in Kramfors,

SK3JR, Jemtlands Radioamatörer in Östersund,

SK3LH, Gullängets Radioklubb in Örnsköldsvik

SL3ZYE, FRO-section in Sollefteå