King Chulalongkorn Memorial Amateur

Radio Society in Ragunda, Sweden




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2017-07-14 -- 2017-07-16

Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen

2017-07-18 -- 2017-07-19

King Chulalongkorn Day

Open House at the Visitor´s Amateur Radio Station





2017-07-14 -- 2017-07-16

Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen

We are represented in Friedrichshafen.

Please visit us in SSA stand, A1-847.


2017-07-18 -- 2017-07-19

King Chulalongkorn Day -

Open House at SI9AM

SI9AM, The Visitor's Amateur Radio Station is open between 10:00 and 17:00.


Welcome to visit us!


On July 19, 1897 visited King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, King of Thailand, the small community Utanede in Jämtland. 1992 visited a Thai dance group Utanede and saw that there was a road that was named after their beloved king. They went home to Thailand and told the fantastic. In Thailand they started a collection to build a storage building. 1997 began construction in 1999 and opened the Thai Pavilion in Utanede.



King Chulalongkorn Day

To the memory of King Chulalongkorn's visit July 19, 1897 in Utanede it´s a celebrated each year with a ceremony at the statue of the King, who is inside the Thai Pavilion.


Anniversary of the Thai Pavilion July 19

This year on July 19 we celebrate the 20th and 120th anniversary of the pavilion. It is 120 years since King Chulalongkorn visited us and 20 years ago since the pavilion was built.


During the anniversary day, there will be a ceremony, thai dance and performances. There will be the opening of the exhibition with khon masks!


Festival week

According to the anniversary, there will be a festival week.


See some photos from Tuesday morning July 18.


For reservation and information please contact:


SM3EAE, Lars Stöök via email

phone +46 70 659 00 69


SM3FJF, Jörgen Norrmén via email

phone +46 70 394 17 45

SI9AM QRV on following frequencies:


CW: 1817, 3517, 7017, 10117, 14017, 18077, 21017, 24897 and 28017


SSB: 1840, 3760, 7060, 14210, 18160, 21310, 24960 and 28510


FM: 145.550 MHz